The popular fighting franchise makes its debut on Xbox with head-to-head Xbox Live support! Guilty Gear X2 # Reload revives the fighting tournament designed to find humans skilled enough to thwart the Gear threat. Take over 20 playable fighters, with 6 outrageous new characters. Use electrifying new moves and features, like Psych Burst, Faultless Defense, the all-new Burst Gauge system and more. Devastate your opponent with an arsenal of eye-popping, jaw-dropping moves and combos, including trademarks like Overdrive Attack, Gatling Combo, Roman Cancel and signature Instant Kills for each character!

A newly discovered form of energy has been used to create devastating bioweapons with fused human and animal DNA. Known as the Gears, they are now self-aware and amok. They now threaten human dominance on the planet.

  • Xbox Live™ enabled head-to-head play with real-time, global rankings
    • Increase your rankings through winning percentage and number of matches
      • Players ranked on weekly and overall basis
    • Xbox Live Voice and Friend List support
  • Nine awesome game modes including:
    • Medal of Millionaire Mode - a brutal one fall competition where medals are earned
    • Versus 2Player Mode- two player battles to settle scores including Xbox Live matches
    • Survival Mode - 1,000 levels of endurance
    • Story Mode - learn the truth of the Gears, with multiple endings
    • Mission Mode - defeat opponents using certain rules and meeting specific conditions
    • Training Mode - customizable training mode allows players to tune for optimal practice
  • 20 characters plus hidden characters and EX characters
  • Punishing moves and combos including Psych Bursts, Overdrive Attacks and Instant Kill Techniques
  • Progressive Scan Video Support for 480p
  • Intense metal and rock soundtrack





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