Height: 6'0"
Weight: 148 lbs.
Birthday: Feb. 9
Blood Type: B
Race: Human/American
Risk Rating: B
P.W.A.B. Report #5236:
Born as an orphan, subject grew up to become an illegal drug trafficker and narcotics addict. He was saved by a man named Tsuyoshi, who taught him the basics of Ninjutsu combat. Subject is the only known man alive who still uses this Japanese form of attack. He also uses the force of Ki in his moves, presumably taught to him by Tsuyoshi as well. It is safe to assume that the subject has had extensive training with Ki force. If we can procure this fighting style for our own use, the benefits would be immeasurable. Although a highly skilled fighter, subject is a very straightforward man who has little in the way of mental defenses. A swift capture is highly recommended. He is considered to be moderately dangerous.





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