Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110 lbs
Birthday: Oct. 26
Blood Type: O
Race: Human/English
Risk Rating: D
P.W.A.B. Report #7404:
Normally, we would not even bother with such a simple bounty hunter. However, this one bears mention because of his multi-millionaire father and the fact that he is currently searching for a Commander Gear. While Commander Gear Dizzy is thought to be dead, this account has certain flaws which we have pointed out in a previous report. Any information on the fate of Dizzy that the subject may contain could be indispensable. Due to an issue involving twins, the subject (a man) was raised as a woman by his family. He could be brought to our side via relatives. Using a yo-yo as his weapon, he has fair skills as a bounty hunter, but nothing worthy of special mention. His threat is minimal.





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