Aerial & Satellite TV Installation Reviews

Getting the right Television set up for home can be a fairly difficult job, due to the fact that there are a number of separate TV systems to choose from.  TV is generally broadcast through a few different systems, they are;

  1. Freeview TV, broadcast via a terrestrial transmitter in your local region. Cost  usually FREE
  2. Satellite TV which can be received with a satellite Dish and a receiver. Cost either Free if using Freesat or a monthly subscription if using Sky.
  3. Cable TV, from Virgin media. Cost is a monthly subscription
  4. I.P Tv or other forms of internet TV. These range from Free to a monthly subscription depending on what packages you subscribe to.

All of these systems have their merit and in their own way provide a good service, but which of these is the best and provides the most value for money service?

Well, lets take the TV system which has been around the longest, and that’s Terrestrial TV which is received by a digital TV Aerial. The TV Aerial is often mounted on a chimney on the outside of the property, but can sometimes be installed in the loft using a good loft Aerial which is suitable to receive digital TV pictures. Although  having had a local TV aerial installation engineer put one in your loft can mean a reduction in both signal strength and quality a good Aerial Fitter using the correct equipment should be able to get a good enough digital reception from a loft aerial positioned in the right place.

The humble digital aerial will pick up 95% of the channels that most people watch in the UK for Free. That being said what are the other channels being watched that are not broadcast on terrestrial TV. What is that other 5%?

Well the programs that entice the consumer to sign up to a subscription service are generally Sport, usually premiership football, and Films. These extra channels are broadcast on Sky TV, Virgin, and BT Vision. Each of these services offer a different package, Sky offer the largest selection of Premiership football, with BT Vision having a smaller choice of matches. Virgin offers a limited subsciption to watch these football matches, but ultimately they come from Sky and BT. All offer movies so its a tie with these services on that.

log periodic tv aerial

Benefits of Satellite TV

What you need to receive satellite television are a suitable satellite dish complete with lnb and a set top box or satellite receiver. Firstly you’ll need to get a satellite engineer to provide a satellite dish installation including cable into the property. This ensures that you have a quality reception for the transmission from space. Trying to do this with out the right equipment often results in many wasted hours and an unsatisfactory result. The next piece of equipment that is needed is a receiver, which will be provided free of charge if signing up to sky TV. They will provide a Sky HD + box for just 12 months subscription. If you are wanting Freesat Satellite Tv , then the receiver if not present in your TV will need to be purchased. A good receiver is recommended as the cheaper boxes usually have problems and don’t last too long. A good make is Humax. one benefit to receiving satellite TV whether it be Sky or Freesat is that even in area’s that struggle to get a good Terrestrial Tv signal from the Aerial will get satellite TV as long as there is a clear line of sight. Freesat like Freeview provides 95% of the Tv most people watch so it is a good system to have. However for every TV you have, there will need to be a receiver to decode the satellite picture, unlike Freeview digital TV where all you need do is plug the aerial cable into the back of the TV.

There are many area’s in the UK that won’t receive the full list of programs available on Freeview because they get there transmission from off a relay transmitter. The relay transmitter or repeater, receives from a main transmitter the programs and repeats the signal, the only problem is that it doesn’t transmit the complete list and there are certain channels that will be missing. Areas such as Kendal or Lancaster you’ll need a digital aerial installer lancaster to get their transmission from a relay, and in these areas a Freesat system would prove more beneficial , even though a set top box is needed for each TV.

Or if you are living a bit further north the use a  digital aerial installer Kendal who is used to working that region would be helpful to speak to about the options in the area when deciding on what TV system to install in the property.